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25 & 26, September 2021


SFW 2021 opens soon!

Safety and health rules for the SFW

You might already have noticed: since the 10th of September the Covid restrictions in Denmark do not longer apply.
This was possible because a very high percentage of Danish people is vaccinated and the number of infections is low.

But the rules to enter the country are still in place. Check the Danish Covid Travel Rules for details about your country.

At the SFW the following rules are in place to create a safe environment for all.
- Hand sanitizers are placed all over the facility. Use them regularly!
- Keep distance to other people (150 to 200 studs would do).
- All activities where loads of people would stick together have been cancelled.
- When check-in for a cottage at the skærbækcentret you have to show your vaccination certificate (or negative test/previously infected).

This is still a very sensitive topic and people might have different point of view - please respect that.
Be responsible and help to make the event a good experience for all of us.

New forum software

When you register for the event you can use
the same user/password to login to the new forum.

2021 Theme: "Classic Space"

We have some special vitrines at the facility providing space for your moc.
There are just two restrictions:
1. It has to meet the theme
2. Max. dimensions are 32x32x32 studs

The Skærbæk Fan Weekend Team

Missed us last time? Check out the SFW YouTube Channel!

Time Machine!

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