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23 & 24, September 2023

frequently asked questions


Each participant has to register himselv using this very website. You might want to check the timeline to see when registrations starts and ends. Don't be late! With your registration you get access to the member-center. This is the place where you can register your moc and select several activities (the activities might be published at a later point in time).

Onsite Check-in

At the event it is mandatory that you check yourself in! You'll get your name-tag (wich is your entry ticket for the event), the event brick, tickets for your selected activities, your moc card and so on. Please don't forget this step!


The name-tag you recieved at the onsite check-in is your entry ticket for the exhibition halls and all other rooms (LUG lounge, workshops, ...). Regular visitors can buy a ticket for the exhibition at the facility. Visitors can't join any activities, of course.


The onsite cabins are very popular and they are often booked out a year in advance. If you wish to secure a cabin for the following year, you may have to book at the previous event until end of November. Sometimes, there are cancellations so it is worth checking the forums to see if a cabin becomes available. On occasion, groups may book a cabin but it may not have all of the beds allocated so it is worth asking if anyone has spare room in their cabin.
Cabins have cooking facilities and sleeping space for up to 7 people. Three of the spaces are located in the loft which is accessed via ladder. This should be taken into consideration when allocating spaces.
If you are unable to secure a cabin, there is a lot of additional accommodation in the areas around Skærbæk. Closest by is Rømø and Arrild Ferieby. You'll find loads of holiday houses there and both are a short drive with a car from the venue.


Regardless if you have a cabin in Skærbæk or not and don’t wish to prepare your own food, the centre provides meals for those who purchase in advance. Please be on time as they are very strict about the hours when they serve food. Please order your food tickets at the skærbækcentret.
All cabins have cooking facilities. There are a number of local supermarkets, including two very close to the centre:
SuperBrugsen: 8:00 - 20:00 (bakery within opens at 6:00)
Fakta: 8:00 - 21:00
In addition, the centre operates a cafe.
If you want to eat away from the centre, there are a number of food options available. Most of these are within walking distance of the centre.


Most businesses accept DKK. Some of the vendors/sellers at the event will not have access to credit cards and will request payment in cash. They may accept payment in DKK or Euros. Closest by cash machine is located at the Skærbæk Sparekasse (approx. 200m, Storegade 43).

Saturday Night

There is a large dinner event on the Saturday night. It is attended by a large number of participants and is a lot of fun. Definitely worth trying to attend. The food is fantastic and alcohol is available to purchase at the event.
If you have any special dietary or access requirements, let the skærbækcentret know in advance and they will do their best to help you out.
After the dinner there will be a party wich shouldn't be missed under any circumstances.


A special auction is held after the dinner. This can be very fast pace and the items can go for large sums of money. You might get the chance to find some super rare or super funny items. The hosts are doing there best to create an entertaining evening.

Workshops and talks

These are held on the Saturday and Sunday during the day and may include workshops, presentations, information sessions and activities. These sessions are often allocated very quickly, so don't hesitate if there is something you want to attend. If you do miss out on something, and you really want to attend, it can be worth checking the room at the start of the session as sometimes there is space available.

LEGO House on Thursday

The LEGO House in Billund is a fantastic celebration of all things LEGO. On the Thursday, there will be presentations in the LEGO House and the opportunity to visit the LEGO House itself. Make sure you try as many of the activities, visit the basement and look through the Masterpiece gallery. Food is available from the cafe and the restaurant inside the LEGO House or there are a number of food outlets within walking distance. The LEGO store sometimes has special discounts available during the Thursday event. Make sure you scan your wrist band as you leave the LEGO House so you can obtain your plastic card with your unique combination of red bricks. There may be the opportunity to visit a lego factory or other special locations in Billund. Spaces for these fill up very quickly.

LUG Lounge

Located away from the main exhibit area, the LUG lounge is the perfect place to catch up with friends, trade bits and pieces or just to hand out with people from other LUGs. There may be snack food available from many different countries for you to try. Remember to keep the room clean and tidy as we all have to share the space. Check the member-center for details.

Monday Activities

On the Monday, there are several activites to choose from. Details may change from year to year and can be seen at the member-center when they are available. If you chose to go the P-Shop and have to travel a long distance by plane or similar, consider your luggage allowance before committing to large purchases and shipping the items may be costly. Some people like to visit LEGOLAND or LEGO House on the Monday as it is often quieter than on the weekend.

Other things to see and do

Here are some other things you might like to do while in the area - especially if you do not need to set up a display. Remember to check opening times as they may vary on different days and different weeks.

  • Visit the seafront at Rømø
  • Take a walk around historic Ribe and visit the Viking museum
  • Enjoy the Teddy Bear Art Museum located near the LEGO House in Billund
  • Have fun on the rides at LEGOLAND and admire the Miniland builds
  • Marsk Tower (not Maersk!) 25m lookout tower designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
  • Drive to Hamburg to visit Miniatur Wunderland
  • There is a bowling alley and swimming pool at the centre
    (AFOLs are often found in the bowling alley on the Sunday night after pack up.)


The easiest way to travel from Billund to Skærbæk is via a hire car. There are a number of hire car companies at the airport. Make sure you familiarise yourself with European road signs and local speed limits. Speed cameras are often located in the small towns between Billund and Skærbæk and you will be fined, even if you live overseas.
Details for public transportation can be found here but be aware that it might be easier to travel half around the planet than from Billund to Skærbæk. Ask on the forum if you require assistance with transport. There are often people who are able to assist in some way.


Keep in mind that the Skærbæk Fan Weekend is open for public visitors who most likely will go there with their car. Please keep the parking lot in front of the skærbækcentret clear. You could use the big parking lot at the opposite side of the street (behind the SuperBrugsen).
In Billund you can use the third floor of the big new parking garage behind the LEGO Campus (the one with the decoration like the old grey street baseplates). Danish authorities are not shy to charge a fee (wich really hurts!) for parking where it's not allowed.

General tips

Get involved! You get more out of an event if you actively participate. Attend workshops, chat to other AFOLs about their builds or their favourite themes. Attend parties, if you are invited (or even if you are not). Remember to include other people from your own country in your activities. Help out other people who are new and look a little lost. Compliment people on their LEGO themed clothing and purchase treasures from the vendors.