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23 & 24, September 2023

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Skærbæk Fan Weekend - so what is it all about?

In 2005 the LEGO® Company started a small get together with some AFOLs.
That event was called the LEGO Fan Weekend.

Through the years it developed and growed to a fantastic event. Somehow the LEGO Company decided ten years later not to continue the LEGO Fan Weekend. Seriously bad news for the fans and so three AFOLs decided to take over the organisation:
in 2015 the Skærbæk Fan Weekend was born!

Fans from all over the world are coming togehter in Skærbæk and share their passion for the brick. No hand-luggage bag is too small that even the AFOLs from oversea are bringing some of their brilliant creations to Denmark.

But not only AFOLs are joining us, through the weekend the event is open for public visitors.

As you can see, there is no excuse left not to join us!
Register for the event...
and we will see us in Skærbæk!

How to join the Skærbæk Fan Weekend

Before the event

  • First of all it's mandatory to register for the SFW
    The registration will start from April, 1 and will be open until June, 30.
    Register yourself simly using the registration page
  • You'll receive an email with a confirmation link.
    The link will be send from info@fanweekend.dk, you might want to add this to your addressbook to prevent that the email will be eaten by the spam filter.
    After clicking this link you are successfully registered for the SFW!
  • Type in you personal data at the member-center
    Log in to the member-center and type in a few details.
    If you don't want to miss any updates it's a good idea to subscripe the newsletter.
  • Get in touch with other AFOLs using the forum
    The forum is the source for all super hot information. Username and password are the same as for the member-center.
  • Get some nice accommodation.
    Useful information about accomodation can be obtained at the where page.
    Same for all dates at the when page.
  • Food tickets
    A full stomach is important, so food tickets can be ordered at the skærbækcentret regardless if you stay in Skærbæk, or somewhere else.


  • Register your moc
    It's not mandatory to bring a moc, but of course you are welcome to do so. All mocs can be registered at the member-center.
  • Thursday - ticket for LEGO House
    On Thursday we are all going to the LEGO House. You'll need to buy a ticket. All details and information can be seen at the member-center.
  • Saturday/Sunday - book activities
    During the weekend there are several activities you can join. Interesting presentations and workshops, held ether by LEGO employess, or AFOLs can be booked at the member-center.
  • Monday - book activities
    On Monday there will be several options you can choose. From a backstage tour at the LEGOLAND to a visit of the LEGO Campus. These options are usually very popular, so be quick! All details can be seen - you might already have guessed it - at the member-center.

At the event

  • Check-in at the event
    It's mandatory to check yourself in at the office. You'll receive your event brick and optional tickets if you booked something.
  • Check the schedule
    The schedule keeps you informed when and where you have to be. An overview plan from the skærbækcentret will help you to find the right place.
  • Enjoy the Skærbæk Fan Weekend!

After the event

  • Feedback, feedback, FEEDBACK!
    Your feedback is needed in order to improve what can be improved.

Need more information?

check the faq

Who are the people behind the SFW?

These are the people who are making this awesome event possible:

Stephan - Steering team
Thomas - Steering team
Morten - Layout coordinator
Lluìs - Community manager
Caspar - Onsite Event manager
Alexander - Office manager
Morten - VIP manager
Maja - Facility chief
Jeanette - Facility chief
Jesper - Head of security
Kim - Communication manager

LEGO Recognized AFOL Networking Event Recognized AFOL
Networking Event

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